I have 6 images that need to be matched to 2 templates that were created with FlexiLayou Studio 10

I am using the FlexiCapture SDK and this is the code that I am using

flexyEngine = engineLoader.Load(_abbyyEngineLicenseNumber, "");

processor = flexyEngine.CreateFlexiCaptureProcessor();

// add definitions
AddProcessorDefinitions(processor, flexyEngine, definitionPaths);

// add image for processing

// load all to memory

// try to recognize receipt image
var document = processor.RecognizeNextDocument();

if (document == null)
    var error = processor.GetLastProcessingError();
    result.LastError = (error != null) ? error.MessageText() : "Processing error!";

if (document.DocumentDefinition == null)
    result.TemplateMatched = false;

    result.TemplateMatched = true;

In the AddProcessorDefinitions line if I specify a single template "template1.afl" in the definitiosPaths variable then the image is matched corretly; but if the definitiosPaths is set to two templates ("template1.afl" and "template2.afl") the same image is no longer matched

Is there something that needs to be done for this to work ? do i need to classify the documents first ?

If this is no the right forum to post this please give a link to the correct one

asked 28 May '13, 19:18

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edited 28 May '13, 19:19

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