Dear all,

I capture for each of our customers different questionnaires. The challenge is, that each customer has its own questionnaire and it's very time-killing to check the position of each field for the capturing process. Do you know if ther is a faster way as the manual check of these coordinates?

Maybe ABBYY provides a seperate tool for that?

I should just like to say before I forget, that we use the processFields method with PHP.

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards from Germany Julian

asked 20 Jun '13, 13:47

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Dear Julian,

Do I understand correctly that you recognize the handprinted text? Unfortunately, the automatic detection of the coordinates not supported for this text type.


answered 04 Jul '13, 18:14

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Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

Dear Anastasia, thanks for your answer. No, we recognize not only handprinted text. Typically you can find a lot of checkboxes and some handprinted text fields at our questionnaires. I'm searching for a solution to check the coordinates of all these fields. But only one time for each questionnaire - for the setup of the XML-File.


answered 04 Jul '13, 19:10

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Dear Julian,

Thanks for the feedback. Actually in case the forms are quite different each time, unfortunately there is no such solution at the moment. But if the forms are fixed and differ only in skew/rotation, then probably there is chance to provide you with the solution. We will only need the examples of such forms from you, which you can send to

Best regards, Anastasiya.


answered 23 Jul '13, 13:14

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SDK_support ♦♦

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