This error "ERR_VC_COMPONENT_NOT_INITIALIZED" is raised in indistinct cases. Sometimes it is raising when i am Recognizing and Analyzing and sometimes during Closing and sometimes during Saving.

So someone can please help me out with this error and it's cause?? I could not find about this error in ABBYY help file also.

I am using ABBYY FineReader Engine Product of version

Use the below steps to reproduce the error.

• Build a windows form which has button, on clicking the button it will open another form which uses ABBYY Visual Components

• Close the form which uses ABBYY Visual Components

• Repeat this action in quick successions I have observed that this is problem with the synchronizer object.

Many Thanks.

asked 27 Jun '13, 12:50

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Hello Anvesh,

Let me past the information you received via e-mail to help the other users:

Actually this behavior is correct, as after method:

private void VisualComponentsForm_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)

fulfilled, all the local objects that were created during its execution will be deleted by garbage collector. So this can explain the fact that the visual components stops working after several button clicks iterations. In order to avoid it the customer needs to save the IImageViewer::Commands object somewhere explicitly.

In case our recommendation does not help, please send us additionally example of your application.

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answered 05 Jul '13, 21:36

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