The page I'm OCRing is a 61 (rows) x 6 (columns) table of floating point numbers each of the form 9.3493290. There are horizontal bars between each batch of 6 numbers going down a column and vertical bars between the columns. (It's from a table of logarithms.)

I'm running Abbyy cloud with language=Digits, texttype=normal, export=xml,xml:writeRecognitionVariants=true

Abbyy seems hop back and forth between working columnwise and rowwise. That is, it will do say 5 numbers down a column and then shift right over to the next column and do 4 or 5 numbers down this column and then maybe hop back to the previous column. Needless to say this makes putting the table back together a challenge.

Any suggestions for telling Abbyy to complete a column before going to the next one or to complete a row before going to the column?

Thanks for any insight. Cheers, Scott

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asked 09 Jul '13, 18:50

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Hello sguthery,

In order we could investigate the behavior please send the original file with table of logarithms to

Thank you!


answered 12 Jul '13, 13:18

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