Abbyy's Mac desktop product has a feature that you can exclude text on pictures (e.g. legends and longitude/latitude numbers on maps) from being processed as text data.

Will that feature be available soon on the Cloud version (e.g. users could choose by default whether they wanted that exclusion or not)?


asked 10 Jul '13, 02:02

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You can specify the processing profile. For example, DocumentArchiving profile enables detection of maximum text on an image, including text embedded into the image.


answered 10 Jul '13, 16:44

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Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

Thank you for your very fast and helpful reply!

We would want to do document Conversion: "Suitable for converting documents into an editable format. Enables font style detection and full document synthesis."

Recognizing fonts and creating an editable document would be necessary features for our use.

Is it now possible to (or could the software be extended to) exclude text that is layered on or part of images to be excluded from OCR treatment even if Document Conversion is the processing profile?

(10 Jul '13, 17:07) discuss

In general when documentConversion profile is used pictures and diagrams should be preserved in original form.

(11 Jul '13, 13:06) Anastasia Ga... ♦♦
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