I have a number of documents scanned to png files. I do not know the orientation of each scan. I need to know how much to rotate them when I present them to the user; either 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees. The documents are in English.

I am using MODI to extract text from each image in a .net 4.0 c# environment. Is there a way in ABBYY to read the orientation of the image? Or perhaps another method accessible from c# to detect the orientation of the image?

What is the best ABBYY product to deal with this?

UPD: I am looking for a read-value that will tell me the orientation of the image that was determined by the OCR engine after the OCR has completed.

asked 19 Aug '13, 23:47

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Paul S

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In ABBYY FineReader Engine you can use the ImageRotation property of the ImageDocument object for this task.

In ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK this feature is not implemented: the orientation could be automatically corrected, but the orientation value could not be read.

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answered 22 Aug '13, 19:38

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Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

Abbyy Cloud SDK currently has no direct method for returning the determined image orientation (perhaps it is possible to extract the necessary data by analysing the line coordinates in xml export, but that is too complex). You can try FineReader Engine, it has the required funtionality.


answered 22 Aug '13, 19:59

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