bought a package of pages in through the windows azure add-in shop. Received a letter with proof of payment, but in the cloud ocr sdk console do not appear purchased the page. And the application throws an exception. On the manage add-ons page displays a warning "failed to get endpoints CDN in a subscription ID". To fix it, please or tell me what to do in this situation. I redid the example on C# WPF to work on Windows Phone.

`public static class WebRequestExtensions { public static WebResponse GetResponse(this WebRequest request) { AutoResetEvent autoResetEvent = new AutoResetEvent(false); IAsyncResult asyncResult = request.BeginGetResponse(r => autoResetEvent.Set(), null);

        // Wait until the call is finished
        return request.EndGetResponse(asyncResult);//exception

`an exception due to the fact that your server is not readable number of pages?

UPD: Now all became clear. Money in the windows azure gone, but the cloud ocr sdk has not yet come. How much time it takes account when paying through the store windows azure?

asked 05 Sep '13, 00:42

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To add pages to your account it is not enough to pay for it, it is also necessary to manage settings in the Azure Store (press the “Manage” button in ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK settings in the Azure Store).

Please inform us about the result. If the issue is not solved, please tell us the name of your application.


answered 06 Sep '13, 16:29

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edited 06 Sep '13, 16:59

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