Hello, I downloaded the java demo in ABBYY CLOUD OCR SDK website,and chinese demo pic. I add the demo code to eclipse, Successfully run it, but the result txt show unrecognizable characters.Like this: , ^Pfel'T 'if'flfc^P'/il-p'o :^::^Ty^f§ o mum, mRmtx^mmx^mm%mmwmmm, im^m^, immmi ^bas- reiief^ £-#®, mm^mm^x, : ffi^fu 3300 /fra^W$rllfil, ¥!§^manual alphabetj»faffS;K^^#5$:R^^l^it;Kf#o m%wmm^tMz-jjfomm, rmm KMfom'M'zmxfto ftnn , £ ) ^l°l ( ±^T ) o —B (tK¥) jJMMk, B ^ Timed Text (tt) Authoring Format Mi5£i£ffifg^LRTB[1]0 ntx^, m^mm±.^m^mm (±^t) , mm&n*&^t£$m0 im^m&m^xit mm, wsm\m&irm;, ±WnTW;fc£#3il, SSgifc^feiM, Si r-^—ft J ■)?&, (WPfitS) o \E}f§X¥^fu^WM

iij^*-h^T, tE.m&&)-x^; aa^f^Mg^mifliM^i^9oo

&ti$$}-jjfi]£lig.fetr-Wl±-'M'ndPX1tMo — $PHanun o’o, m&i'Xi&MM^lp}, ftTI±^^#]lo

Do me a favor ,thanks.

asked 17 Sep '13, 08:53

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In order to recognize the Chinese documents it is necessary to specify the correct language in the language parameter of any processing method. For example: "ChinesePRC".

You can specify several languages, separated by commas, in the language parameter of any processing method. For example: "English,ChinesePRC". The recognition service will automatically select the language of the document from the specified set.

The list of supported recognition languages: http://ocrsdk.com/documentation/specifications/recognition-languages/


answered 17 Sep '13, 20:05

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SDK_support ♦♦

edited 17 Sep '13, 20:05

Thanks, I had done. Thank you very much. I will buy Abbyy sdk production. The result of pic to txt is perfect.My boss love it.

(18 Sep '13, 06:59) sky
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