The package I recently bought was for 5,000 fields. What i'm trying to figure out is: - does the number of characters per field matter? - how many fields is a typical business card? - Is a phone number 4 fields (country code, area code, prefix, number) or 3, or 2?

asked 22 Nov '13, 10:32

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  • The text field means some area on the image specified with its coordinates and containing small text snipped not longer than 50 characters (space characters are not included).
  • For the business card recognition we recommend to use the processBusinessCard method. Each use of this method is charged as one A4 page recognition (or 5 fields recognition).

The detailed information about our billing terms can be found here.


answered 28 Nov '13, 16:26

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Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

What if the whole image sent to OCR is small (50x150) and contains only 12 symbols (digits). Does it automatically count as a field?


answered 30 Jul '15, 12:28

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Wojtek Kamiński

That would depend on the methods used for recognition. For example, if use the processImage method, each call will be charged as A4 page recognition. On the other hand, if use the processTextField method, each call will be charged as a field recognition. Finally, each call of the processFields method can be charged, depending on the number of fields on the image, as either n fields or an A4 page recognition.

The detailed information about our billing terms regarding image cost can be found here.

(03 Aug '15, 11:09) IvanPopov ♦♦
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