We have created an OCR Cloud SDK account, created an applicationID and downloaded the sample code. However we are facing some issue in executing the sample code.

When we build and run the ‘ConsoleTest’ application by providing ApplicationID and Password which we got after registration. However, it throws an exception on line 532 in file RestServiceClient.cs (Abbyy.Cloud.OcrSdk) exceptions as follows

“The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.”

ApplicationID : ** Passwd : ** ServerAddress : http://cloud.ocrsdk.com

Any help is appreciated.

  • Shailesh

asked 05 Jun '12, 18:51

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edited 09 Jun '12, 11:14

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Vasily Panferov ♦♦

Please log in into private section of the web site and reset password for your application. New password will be sent to your e-mail address.

Please, never publish your login and password on public forums.


answered 05 Jun '12, 20:02

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Andrey Isaev ♦♦

I have reset the password. Thanks!

(06 Jun '12, 18:58) shaileshl

Please provide your application Id and password in ConsoleTest\Test.cs, class Test() constructor:

restClient.ApplicationId = "<your application id>";
restClient.Passowrd = "<your application password>";

answered 06 Jun '12, 09:35

Vasily%20Panferov's gravatar image

Vasily Panferov ♦♦

Please let me know show should I send applicationID and the password to you?

(06 Jun '12, 18:58) shaileshl

I could resolve the problem....

It was an error from my developer. when she cut-pasted the application id from the email an extra space gt introduced. Hence the authorization was failing.

When I looked into it again today, I noticed the extra space. Removing that extra space worked.

Thanks everyone!

(06 Jun '12, 19:23) shaileshl
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