Needs to read the coordinates of text block in this format (x1,y1,x2,y2).

with the help of the page size and its orientation.

As problem is we get the coordinates on the mouse up events but when we reapply the same coordinates its mess - up at some other location.

Please help for the same..

Thanks Drew.

asked 06 Jan '14, 15:40

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Could you please specify the product?

(07 Jan '14, 16:07) Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

We are using abbyy fine reader engine 11

As on imageviewer mouseup and mousedown event we have tried to get, but it gives us wrong coordinates.

Please help to get the block created by user and it type.

Thanks Drew

(09 Jan '14, 11:09) Drew

You can get the block's coordinates with the help of Region object and its properties Left, Top, Right and Bottom:

`FREngine.Region region = block.Region;
int left = region.get_Left(0);
int top = region.get_Top(0);
int right = region.get_Right(0);
int bottom = region.get_Bottom(0);`

For getting the type of the block you can use IBlock::Type property:

`FREngine.BlockTypeEnum type = block.Type;`

answered 10 Jan '14, 18:07

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Julia Anikus... ♦♦

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