I will like contract the service and I have a one question:

Is can possible convert the PDF file to HTML formatted?


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Rather it sounds simple, there is so many ways how to convert to HTML, depending on the goal. You should decide will you preserve background or not, what will you do with pictures, what you consider as main text in case of multicolumn page, do you try to preserve original layout or just drop it completely, and so on.

So in order for us to be able to give you any advice, can you please describe in more details what kind of HTML you are expecting to get in result?

(09 Jun '12, 11:01) Andrey Isaev ♦♦

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According to documentation HTML export format is not currently supported.


answered 09 Jun '12, 11:01

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Andrey Isaev ♦♦

I'd also love to have the export format html. Due to lack of support for that format I'm considering the following: Choosing the export format pdfTextAndImages and afterwards converting the output to HTML by means of other PDF to HTML5 Conversion software. Maybe that helps ...


answered 10 May '13, 18:09

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