We had an error in our app and it seems it ate all our credits on the same files (I thought that the same scan twice didn't take credit twice)

asked 17 Jan '14, 16:58

Jan%20Bolmeson's gravatar image

Jan Bolmeson

According to the Billing Terms, ABBYY reserves the right to impose a reasonable limitation on a number of repeated recognitions per account per day. It was 1663 requests during 15 hours from your account, the service decided that it is too much for testing purposes and canceled free re-recognition.

We can help you with testing, if you describe your scenario.


answered 21 Jan '14, 18:12

Anastasia%20Galimova's gravatar image

Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

Hello Anastasia,

Thank you for your answer. We had a serious malfunction (cronjob running but not marking queue as done, so same files were resent every minute) in our script that unfortunately resent the files even though they were recognized. Our developers have fixed the bug. I am sorry for that.

is there a way to get back some of the credits?

regards, jan

(22 Jan '14, 17:33) Jan Bolmeson

Hello Jan,

We have returned some pages to your account. We hope you have a great experience using ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK.

(27 Jan '14, 21:00) Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

THANK you very much. I appreciate it very much!

(28 Jan '14, 01:10) Jan Bolmeson
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