How the following things are charged:

  1. Recognize PDF-documents and export it to MS office documents
  2. Use additional languages for the recognition
  3. Recognize business cards?

asked 11 Feb '14, 12:52

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Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

Hi Anastasia. You have understood my requirements correctly.

I am keen to ask which of these come bundled in Value Pack L and what is the default language support for that value pack?

In other words, Value Pack L contains: A) All three with language set <???> B) First two only, whereas business card recognition needs to be purchased separately. C) Only #1 is included whereas #2 & #3 needs to be purchased separately.

If value pack L contains Option A, how do I purchase additional language support? When I click on "Buy Now", it just allows me to select Value Pack L, and nothing else. Thanks

(11 Feb '14, 20:57) Vivek

Hello Vivek,

Nothing should be purchased separately. Please see the answer below.

(11 Feb '14, 21:08) Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

Firstly, you should have some pages on your account balance. "Page" is our pricing item. 1 page on your balance allows you to recognize 1 A4 pages (the detailes about page sizes are here).

  1. For all available export formats pricing is the same.
  2. For all available languages price is the same. Note that not all languages, that are available for OCR, are available for business card recognition (BCR).
  3. According to the billing terms, a business card is charged is 1 page.

Also we have another pricing item - a field. 5 fields charges as 1 page.

All the detailes about pricing are here: Plans and Pricing, Billing Terms.


answered 11 Feb '14, 21:05

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Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

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