If we provide our customers some document services and OCR is a component in that ecosystem, can we allocate/sell smaller sets to my customers. e.g. "Volume Pack L" includes 5000 A4 pages, and we have 50 customers that access our service, is it ok to allocate 100 A4 pages to each customers? We will manage their quota allocation at our own end. Based on the services utilized by each customer, we would vary their allocation etc.

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Yes, you can share your Volume Pack between all the users of your application. But in this case you should control how much every user recognizes on your side, using one application with one counter on cloud.ocrsdk.com. We have no sample code for this task.

Also we have some account-isolation mechanisms, which are currently in beta-testing:---

  1. If you create a mobile application, each of your user can pay once for the installation,
  2. We can generate a pack of “serial numbers” for the application you’ve already created. These serial numbers will be just a kind of ID and each ID will enable recognition of particular number of pages.

Both of this mechanisms could be used either for beta-testing, or in case of large amount of data (Volume Pack XL or larger).

The other way to isolate user accounts is to create a separate Application ID for each user. But in this case it is necessary to buy Volume Packs for each user.


answered 11 Feb '14, 19:11

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Regarding the Volume Pack, you mention that they can be 'shared' between all the users, BUT could you actually 'resell' those pages to your users? For example you buy the 5000 A4 pages from ABBYY and then create packages of 100 A4 pages to resell within your application.

(12 Mar '14, 05:36) Ignacio

Yes, you can, in case you will control how much every user recognizes (it is not implemented in our code).

(28 Mar '14, 14:43) Anastasia Ga... ♦♦
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