how can i navigate in specific page in document viewer?

i have a document viewer component and image viewer. I want to select in a page in document and display in my image viewer in runtime.

using FREngine 11 SDK

asked 21 Feb '14, 09:51

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This is already realized in the standard sample Visual Components that comes together with FREngine 11 distribution. In case we have misunderstood your scenario, can you please describe it in more details?


answered 27 Feb '14, 18:34

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SDK_support ♦♦

I need to display the page in the imageviewer component at runtime just like the goto command but without the window prompt.

(28 Feb '14, 08:43) vbknight

Can you please provide more details of your scenario?

(04 Mar '14, 19:31) SDK_support ♦♦

my scenario would be my document is loaded with the last page displayed on image viewer, and i click save that will run a method that validates all pages to check user miss a page without block and if found a page without block it would display a message and display that unedited page to the image viewer.

my workaround is to offset by looping using prev and next command. i hope there's an easy way on doing this, like jumping to the page just like the command goto without window prompt.


answered 07 Mar '14, 08:45

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edited 07 Mar '14, 08:50

Please try to use IImageViewer::FRPage property for your scenario. It specifies the document page connected to Image Viewer.


answered 03 Apr '14, 16:07

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