When using processDocument in addition with readBarcodes it costs 5 Fields per call - is there a rule for the cost of this? Or can it be done more efficient(why cost 5 Fields when only one barcode exists on the page)? Anyway shows the pricing plan that barcode recognition would be of no cost(see Plans and pricing).

string url = String.Format("{0}/processDocument?taskId={1}&{2}&readBarcodes=true&exportFormat=xml", ServerUrl,

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The processDocument method recognizes full page including text and barcodes (if the parameter readBarcodes is set to true). If you call this method for one page, it is charged as one A4 page.

One A4 page costs the same as 5 text fields.

To recognize barcodes only, you can use the processBarcodeField method or the processFields method for fields of type “barcode”. Note that in this case barcode coordinates should be specified directly.

When you recognize barcodes only, it is performed for free with limitation 100 free barcodes per day. Above 100 barcodes per day every barcode recognition is charged as one field recognition.

This and other information can be found in the Billing Terms.


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