I am working on ABBYY Finereader Engine 11 version. I am working with multi page tiff file. I need to get the page number of the selected or active page on which I am selecting some text/text blocks.

I tried following code segment after the image load.

page.Recognize(); int pageNo = page.PlainText.get_PageNumber(0));

Everytime the above code segment returns value "0", irrespective of page selection or active page. Please suggest a suitable way to retrieve unique page number from a multi page tiff file. Thanks in advance.

More Inputs to the above question:

What I am trying to do is: 1. Selecting regions on different pages of a multi page tiff file 2. Store collection of selection and pattern data i.e. store page no 5, 10, 30 and regions selected from a 1000 page tiff file 3. An application will batch process from a source directory 4. Directly load the page as per storage information from the multi page tiff, extract data from pages i.e. Retrieve data from pages 5, 10, 30 as per regions selected as pattern

So I need to directly load the page as per stored page number, not processing the whole multi page tiff file.

asked 14 Apr '14, 15:28

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edited 14 Apr '14, 17:29

Please try to use IndexOf method of the FRPages Object. It returns the index of a page in the collection.


answered 17 Apr '14, 15:18

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