Can anyone tell me how I can automate the recognition process more or less in the same manner as the importing, verification and exporting of documents. To date I am able to import then it gets stuck on recognition. After human intervention it then again auto runs the verification and the export process. Any clues??

asked 21 May '14, 15:06

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Can you please specify the product you use? You mentioned that the recognition is getting stuck. Can you please specify are there any error messages and what exact action you need to perform in order to get rid of stuck?

(21 May '14, 15:23) SDK_support ♦♦

We use FC10 For example now I am having difficulty dealing with the automation of the recognition process. Automating the recognition phase in the same manner as the automation of the importing and verification as well as the exporting of the document. Our solution now stalls on the recognition stage even though all of the fields have been tailored to specifications in properties(OCR printed, Marking Type= Simple, LetterCase= Auto, Orientation= Horizontal, One line) and yet it does not auto flow through to Export phase

(21 May '14, 15:56) Hati

ABBYY Technical Support will be happy to provide detailed instructions if you send several images in questions to reffering to this post.

(21 May '14, 16:51) SDK_support ♦♦
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