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Does OCR cloud service support use of OCR dictionaries ideally by application ID? Alternatively, can a dictionary word list be submitted with the task?


asked 21 May '14, 16:40

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Could you please clarify what does it mean "use of OCR dictionaries by application ID"?

(26 May '14, 17:25) Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

Dear Anastasia

I believe, a dictionary (=word list) could increase success rate of business 'slang' words that cannot exist in any other dictionary, such as: - Example: Kolaximundial, Lurakumunda, Pontenarulin - Product codes: MMN-40011, MMN-41113, MMN-41114 (potential issues with capital letter i and the number one) - Perhaps chemistry formulas (not many are around)

In my case, a rather small list 100-300 terms could help to increase the hit rate in recognition.


(26 May '14, 17:41) David

Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, now support of user dictionaries is not in the nearest plans, as usually user dictionary is used for a lot of tasks, and we process tasks separately - so the dictionary should be loaded for each task, it's not optimal.

We have regular expressions in field-level recognition, it could be used as user dictionary, if you recognize text by fields.

(06 Jun '14, 07:30) Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

You can test, if user dictionaries are really helpful for your task, by using the trial version of FineReader.

(06 Jun '14, 07:36) Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

Unfortunately, in Cloud OCR SDK user dictionaries are not supported. You can only use dictionaries that are included in the predefined languages:


answered 26 May '14, 17:24

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Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

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