I have implemented the demo provided and it recognized the given sample images. The issue is that when I input an image attacted I do not get any results. I've edited the ProcessingSettings.java class to include the handprinted text type input field.

//Set text types
public enum TextType {
    handprinted, normal, typewritter, index, matrix, ocrA, orcB, e13b, cmc7, gothic
public void setTextType(TextType type) {
    textType = type;

public TextType getTextType() {
    return textType;

private TextType textType = TextType.handprinted;

I then added processingSettings.setTextType(TextType.handprinted); to AsyncProcessTask.java which did not help resolve the issue. Do you have any other suggestions that will help in recognizing such handprinted text in the attached image? I am developing an application in which the users should be able to draw a Chinese character and I need this tool to recognize those characters. If I need to change the image type that I input into OCR SDK, please let me know how I should go about that to get the optimal results.

asked 28 May '14, 15:19

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Unfortunately, our technologies are not able to recognize Chinese handprinted text. All languages that could be used for ICR are marked in the corresponding column of this table: http://ocrsdk.com/documentation/specifications/recognition-languages/


answered 28 May '14, 17:44

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