I am trying to use abbyy ocr native sdk for android project, my requirement is to read the micr of a check and display it in text field. i had tried out to create Micr.rom & given the UserRecognitionLanguage as MICR(1024). it is not working, please guide us with a sample code to read the MICR.

asked 18 Jun '14, 08:07

Antony%20Nirmal%20Raj's gravatar image

Antony Nirma...

You can find a detailed instruction for recognition in the MICR mode in the Help file → Programmer’s Guide → How To…? → How to...? → Recognize in MICR Mode.

In case you have any additional questions please send the detailed description of the issue to SDK_Support@abbyy.com.


answered 18 Jun '14, 14:21

Julia%20Anikushina's gravatar image

Julia Anikus... ♦♦

Dear Julia,

I have failed to find the instructions for the "recognize in MICR mode" paragraph. Could you please give us a link?

Thanks, Can


answered 23 Jul '14, 18:07

cbekar's gravatar image


Dear Can,

"Recognize in MICR Mode" paragraph which I mentioned in my previous message is a part of Mobile OCR Engine help file.

Could you please specify a product you use?

(23 Jul '14, 18:46) Julia Anikus... ♦♦

I am using FREngine 10,11 and FCEngine 10.

BTW I have created another MICR related question here: http://forum.ocrsdk.com/questions/2559/micr-ocr-quality

(31 Jul '14, 11:17) cbekar

In this case you need to specify special text type TT_MICR_CMC7 or TT_MICR_E13B. Please find more details in Help → API Reference → Enumerations → TextTypeEnum

(31 Jul '14, 11:39) SDK_support ♦♦

Thanks, adding the following line to my program solved it.

For clarification, adding MICR_E13B language to recognized languages is not sufficient for recognizing it, you have to manually add the TextType to RecognizerParams.

ppp.RecognizerParams.TextTypes = (int)TextTypeEnum.TT_Normal | (int)TextTypeEnum.TT_MICR_E13B;

(31 Jul '14, 12:41) cbekar
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