Actually I have a series of questions, my goal is to send an image to flexi capture engine by a web server and then getting the extracted data as xml response.Some one please help with these questions.
1.  How to configure the flexicapture engine to recognize the document. (Do I need to add any Abbay library to my Visual studio solution )
2.  How to send images directly to Felexicapture engine by web service and how to receive the response.
3.  Does it work same like as Abbyy cloud SKD?
4.  Is there any workarounds to create a custom web service ? If so how can I do that? Which DLL I need to add in to my projects.
5.  For layout templates, is it necessary to create a separate one to extract Arabic text?

asked 17 Jul '14, 15:17

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Sorry for the long silence and thank you for your patience!

  1. Yes, you need to add Abbyy libraries to your Visual Studio solution. You could learn more information from Help file or Code samples provided with the distributive.
  2. We have a FlexiCapture Web Service (C#) code sample. Please, investigate this sample, we hope it will be helpful.
  3. Abbyy FlexiCapture Engine 10 and Abbyy Cloud SDK are different products. They are based on different technologies and are expected to be used for different tasks. You could learn more about the most popular usage scenario of FlexiCapture Engine from Help->Introducing ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 10->Basic usage scenarios or ask your Sales Manager about the details.
  4. Please, investigate our FlexiCapture Web Service (C#) code sample.
  5. To extract Arabic text you need to specify the language in your layout template.

answered 04 Aug '14, 13:27

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