I'm developing an application that uses a photo of a page of text taken from an iPhone, sends this photo to the OCR SDK and uses the text extracted to perform searches. Since this is a realtime system speed is important. However the results of the OCR are going to be used to select from a product database trying to find the best match against text. So accuracy is also even more important.

I'm wondering what are the parameter settings for this type of use case to optimize for accuracy.

Specifically, what should the settings be for the following parameters?

  • profile: which one of these? documentConversion, documentArchiving, textExtraction
  • textType: assuming it should be normal?
  • imageSource: assuming it should be photo?
  • correctOrientation: assuming true since the iPhone can be of any orientation?
  • correctSkew: Assuming true since the user can take a picture at any angle?

Also assuming all the other parameters passed will not affect the accuracy.

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If you need to extract all text from the input image, including small text areas of low quality, set profile = textExtraction. In this case the document appearance and structure are ignored, pictures and tables are not detected, and the processing speed will increase.

If you recognize common typographic type of text the normal textType is more convenient. Please see more information about text types here.

Other setting (imageSource, correctOrientation and correctSkew) could have values as you assumed.

You could also set readBarcodes=false (by default it is true if you use export to XML).


answered 24 Jul '14, 09:55

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