Is there sample browser based web form where I can select the file on disk and then submit a POST to the cloud ocr? It ought to be possible with just a browser to submit the image and to get back a result without running pHp or Python or Ruby or some other language.

Although ABBYY FineReader Online is a web form, it is not accessing the URL "" used by the Cloud OCR SDK. It appears that it is not the same thing.

The web page: "" includes the following: "ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service is implemented using REST software architecture principles and can be accessed through API by HTTP or HTTPS requests."

I am looking for the URL of that REST API documentation.

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Cloud OCR SDK is for developers, that is why it has lot of code samples but no real UI. However, there is another product called ABBYY FineReader Online.


Http interface is documented in Documentation section. Basically, there is no other way to call the service except HTTP or HTTPS.


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Have created REST documentation and example HTML. Am forwarding it to the ABBYY folks to review and perhaps include with the other samples.

ABBYY folks will not be hosting the REST documentation I submitted: "Thank you for the code! But there is a problem – this solution solves only one part of the problem. It submits image to the server. The complete solution should be able to check result, wait for task completion and download result to the user."

If you are looking for REST documentation you probably know that REST is not a programming language, as as such, it can never automate the upload, wait and then download into a single user interface. The examples do show the various URLs needed to submit an image, see if the task is complete, and then how to obtain the URL to download the results. The POST examples are minimal web pages. The GET examples are just documented.

If this response gets a large number of positive votes, perhaps the examples will get added to the ABBYY web site. Until then you can download my REST documentation for ABBYY OCR from:



answered 05 Jul '12, 02:23

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