I am submitting three jpg files with submitImage. Next, when using processFields, the order in which they are getting read is 1, 3, 2; instead of 1, 2, 3 (in the submission order).

What could be causing this?

Thanks, Adam

asked 03 Jul '12, 20:25

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Hard to tell without the actual code you use. It might be that different submission requests are executed in parallel and then the behavior is by design.

(04 Jul '12, 10:50) Dmitry Me ♦♦

This can happen because images can be processed in a cloud in a parallel way by workers in several virtual machines. So if you upload several images, they are distributed among all available workers. E.g. if you uploaded 3 images with processing times 3, 7, 2 seconds, and there are two available workers, you'll get results in order 1, 3, 2.


answered 04 Jul '12, 11:44

Vasily%20Panferov's gravatar image

Vasily Panferov ♦♦

That may be or may not be the reason depending on actual code OP uses to make requests to the service.

(04 Jul '12, 12:50) Dmitry Me ♦♦

The processing times shouldn't be the problem since the problem is now how they are getting returned - it's how they are getting processed.

In other words, the field parameters (in xml file) for page 3 are getting applied to page 2 and vice-versa. How can I prevent this?

Thanks, Adam

(04 Jul '12, 19:14) greatrat00

@greatrat00: A detailed description of how to reproduce the behavior (preferably with source code and processFields XML settings) would help us identify the problem.

(05 Jul '12, 10:51) Dmitry Me ♦♦
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