Please I am surprised when I parse passport with ocrsdk to get mrz with .NET SDK you charge me as page not as field as you mention in

MRZ(Machine Readable Zone). MRZ is considered to be an image processed with processMRZ method. Every MRZ recognition is charged as one Field recognition.

Do I miss something in the code


asked 09 Sep '14, 18:40

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edited 09 Sep '14, 18:41

Hi! I apologize for this issue, this is a mistake in our billing terms :( In reality we charge MRZ recognition as an A4 page, and this is how it should work. Please accept my apology and let me to provide you with 500 free pages by way of apology. To do this, I have to know the email you've used for registration in the service or your apllicationID. Could you, please send me this information to Thank you in advance!

Best regards, Alsu.


answered 10 Sep '14, 14:33

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