The Plans and Pricing section of the website gives a list of the available plans and the features included therein. However, it also has a row for "Hand writing Recognition" but each plan simply has a "+" next to it without any additional explanation.

Can you elaborate on what the "+" indicates? Does it mean there is an additional cost? If so, what is that cost for each plan?


asked 11 Nov '14, 15:55

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We are sorry for the long silence.

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK supports field-level recognition mode not only for machine-printed but also hand-printed characters (the characters should be written separately) at the same price. In this case a field is considered to be an image processed with processTextField method and containing not more than 50 characters (space characters are not included). Every field recognition is charged according to the actual Price list as specified in “Price per text field” row for the particular Pack. You should not purchase an additional Pack for this.

To recognize hand-printed text you need to set certain recognition parameters for all blocks which are to be recognized as hand-printed. Note that the automatic layout analysis is not available for hand-printed text. The coordinates of the blocks that contain hand-printed text must be specified manually.


answered 14 Nov '14, 15:54

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