Hi Abbyy Team: Thank you for your help and I can use the Ruby SDK to call the API to upload an image and get the recognized text. Now can I do this: I have bunch of apartment leasing documents in '.jpg', 'PDF', 'word' or other format. All of them contains values about 'Building Address', 'Checkin Date' and 'Checkout Date'(but the word may be different, for example, some leasing documents maybe: 'Property Address', 'Start Date', 'Termination Date'). Can I use this API to automatically recognize those values about those fields and get them? Or is there any other way to do this using this API or other technology in Abbyy? Thank you very much!

best regards
  Yu Song

asked 21 Nov '14, 18:01

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Yu Song

Dear Yu Song, In the Cloud OCR SDK there is the processTextField method for recognition of the field, the field’s region should be set manually. For more information about this method please refer to Documentation. In case it is semi-structured document, we can advise to use ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine. For more information about this product please refer to our site


answered 24 Nov '14, 18:04

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Anna Falevskaya ♦♦

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