Currently processBusinessCard function takes approximately 25 seconds to complete. We need to take it down under 5 seconds. Is it possible - if not can we achieve this with on-premise version of the sdk?


asked 09 Dec '14, 01:57

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The processing time depends on the image you recognize, the settings you use and the internet connection speed.

If it is possible for your images, to increase the recognition speed we recommend to use the following settings of the processBusinessCard method:

  • imageSource=scanner
  • correctOrientation=false
  • correctSkew=false

For additional recommendations you can send your images to for testing.


answered 09 Dec '14, 15:05

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Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

Thank you for your reply.

taking the actions you suggested and using jpg instead of bmp helped us to cut the process time down to apprx. 8 - 10 seconds, but we have still some more to go. Is it possible at all?


answered 12 Dec '14, 18:09

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The processing time is calculated in the following way:

Processing time = Time for transferring a file over the Internet + Time in queue + Time for OCR

The time which is spent at transferring a file over the Internet does not depend on ABBYY.

We can influence only on the duration of the tasks on our side (Time in queue + Time for OCR). The recognition settings which can improve the OCR speed we have already listed in the answer above. Also recognition speed depends on the source image properties, so we can recommend you to refer to the Photographing Business Cards with a Mobile Phone article on our site for your information.


answered 16 Dec '14, 01:46

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Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

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