I am using Visuals Components in my application that supports many langages and i want that context menu and tollbar of controls messages change when i change language of my application.

I used this snipest of code that i call when initializing components of my form:

 private void SetUILanguage()

                switch (I18n.ApplicationLang.ToUpper())
                    case "FR-FR": engineLoader.Engine.MessagesLanguage = MessagesLanguageEnum.ML_French;
                    case "EN-GB": engineLoader.Engine.MessagesLanguage = MessagesLanguageEnum.ML_English;
                    case "ES-ES": engineLoader.Engine.MessagesLanguage = MessagesLanguageEnum.ML_Spanish;
                    case "IT-IT": engineLoader.Engine.MessagesLanguage = MessagesLanguageEnum.ML_Italian;
                    case "DE-DE": engineLoader.Engine.MessagesLanguage = MessagesLanguageEnum.ML_German;
                    case "PT-PT": engineLoader.Engine.MessagesLanguage =​​MessagesLanguageEnum.ML_PortugueseBrazilian;
                    case "CS-CZ": engineLoader.Engine.MessagesLanguage = MessagesLanguageEnum.ML_Czech;
            catch (Exception ex)
                LogFileManager.Error("", this.GetType(), ex);


If i set the langage of my application to French then i change it to English, As result, i have context menu of DocumentViewer set in English, the context menu of selected block in the ImageViewer also but the Toolbar and the context menu of ImageViewer still displayed in French as shown on the following image:

alt text

When i close my application and re open it without changing langage (keeping it set to English), the toolbar and contextMenu of imageViewer are displayed in English.

Can you help me please why the langage for ImageViewer is not updated from the first time like the DocumentViewer control? Am i missing an instruction to update the langage for toolbar and context menu of ImageViewer?

Thanks in advance.

​Yours sincerely, Ameny.

asked 15 Dec '14, 18:48

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edited 15 Dec '14, 18:49

Dear Ameny,

The Visual Components require a reboot after changing the interface language. The simplest solution is to change the language before the Visual Components opening. This can be done, for example, in the constructor of the main form before calling the InitializeComponent.


answered 13 Jan '15, 17:47

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Anna Falevskaya ♦♦

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