I have integrated an "ocr history" for my users to go back and re-retrieve the documents if they choose. In theory, how long are those documents available? I thought it was 3 days, however, I just went back and re-retrieved a document from July 12th.

asked 13 Aug '12, 23:24

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The document will be available until the task it belongs to is deleted. The latter happens when either you use deleteTask verb or 30 days pass from the latest active operation on the task - whichever happens earlier.


answered 14 Aug '12, 12:17

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While Dmitry provided you with exact answer, I would also give more general one. Cloud OCR SDK is not designed to be a storage server. Storage is inevitable part of processing, that is why documents are stored there. However, as Dmitry said, they are only stored for limited time, just to give enough time to download results.

For long time preservation I would recommend immediately uploading those files to one of the many storage services like box.net, ShugarSync, DropBox, and so on.


answered 15 Aug '12, 23:30

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Andrey Isaev ♦♦

Or OrganizedDocs! Great service, we are integrating it with out OrganizedDocs right now!


answered 24 Aug '12, 15:28

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