Hi there,

As I could see in billing terms, the method processMRZ would charge one field in my account, but is being charged as one page.

Is there anything wrong with my code?

My email is rafac@hotmail.com



asked 11 Feb '15, 19:22

Rafael%20Pinto's gravatar image

Rafael Pinto

There is a mistake in our Billing Terms. Actually the processMRZ method is billed as one A4 page. This mistake will be corrected soon.

Sorry for any possible inconveniences.


answered 12 Feb '15, 17:51

Julia%20Anikushina's gravatar image

Julia Anikus... ♦♦

But we decided to use this method because of this.

The price for a field is $ 0,014 and A4 page is 0,07, almost 7 times more than we calculated to decide to use this system.

We developed everything based on your system and now you simply say that you published a wrong information in your website and now you are going to charge me 7 times more than you stated?

I cannot trust in this company. In the future, you can also say that you increase the prices and if we want to continue using we will need to pay the difference. This make no sense.


answered 12 Feb '15, 19:43

Rafael%20Pinto's gravatar image

Rafael Pinto

We are sorry that you are unhappy with our pricing model. We have not changed prices during the entire existence of the service. The processMRZ method always was billed as one A4 page. It was a mistake in our Billing Terms which contained inaccurate information.

We would like to note that our prices are flexible. The price depends on volume which you recognize: the more you recognize the lower a price is.

We highly value that you have chosen ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK and create your business with us. Please let us to provide you with 100 free pages to compensate inconveniences.

(20 Feb '15, 17:10) Julia Anikus... ♦♦
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