Find the image (following link) I am trying to read using OCR

And the result I get is as following

$url = ',index';

<document xmlns="" version="1.0" producer="ABBYY FineReader Engine 11" languages="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemalocation=" &lt;a href=" http:="""" finereader_xml="" finereader10-schema-v1.xml"="">">"> <page width="597" height="448" resolution="72" originalcoords="1"> <block blocktype="Text" blockname="" l="16" t="113" r="579" b="138"> <region> <rect l="17" t="113" r="223" b="114"/> <rect l="17" t="114" r="530" b="115"/> <rect l="17" t="115" r="578" b="116"/> <rect l="17" t="116" r="579" b="119"/> <rect l="16" t="119" r="579" b="126"/> <rect l="17" t="126" r="579" b="135"/> <rect l="18" t="135" r="579" b="136"/> <rect l="69" t="136" r="579" b="137"/> <rect l="376" t="137" r="562" b="138"/> </region> <text> <par linespacing="2790"> <line baseline="176" l="17" t="104" r="579" b="145"> <formatting lang="EnglishUnitedStates"> <charparams l="17" t="113" r="34" b="131">P</charparams> <charparams l="33" t="115" r="51" b="131">H</charparams> <charparams l="49" t="115" r="67" b="131">A</charparams> <charparams l="68" t="113" r="84" b="133">S</charparams> <charparams l="84" t="114" r="100" b="132">E</charparams> <charparams l="99" t="114" r="108" b="132"></charparams> <charparams l="106" t="114" r="121" b="132">2</charparams> <charparams l="119" t="114" r="130" b="133"></charparams> <charparams l="129" t="115" r="153" b="133">W</charparams> <charparams l="151" t="115" r="158" b="133">I</charparams> <charparams l="158" t="115" r="177" b="134">R</charparams> <charparams l="176" t="115" r="193" b="134">E</charparams> <charparams l="192" t="115" r="200" b="134"></charparams> <charparams l="198" t="115" r="217" b="133">A</charparams> <charparams l="218" t="114" r="236" b="135">C</charparams> <charparams l="234" t="114" r="245" b="135"></charparams> <charparams l="243" t="115" r="260" b="134">S</charparams> <charparams l="262" t="115" r="277" b="135">T</charparams> <charparams l="274" t="116" r="293" b="135">A</charparams> <charparams l="292" t="115" r="309" b="135">T</charparams> <charparams l="308" t="115" r="315" b="134">I</charparams> <charparams l="315" t="115" r="333" b="136">C</charparams> <charparams l="331" t="116" r="344" b="136"></charparams> <charparams l="342" t="116" r="368" b="135">W</charparams> <charparams l="365" t="116" r="384" b="135">A</charparams> <charparams l="382" t="117" r="401" b="135">T</charparams> <charparams l="398" t="116" r="416" b="135">T</charparams> <charparams l="416" t="116" r="435" b="135">H</charparams> <charparams l="434" t="116" r="457" b="136" suspicious="1">O</charparams> <charparams l="457" t="116" r="476" b="135">U</charparams> <charparams l="477" t="116" r="496" b="135">R</charparams> <charparams l="493" t="117" r="506" b="136"></charparams> <charparams l="504" t="116" r="527" b="136">M</charparams> <charparams l="526" t="117" r="543" b="136">E</charparams> <charparams l="545" t="118" r="561" b="136">T</charparams> <charparams l="561" t="117" r="578" b="136">E</charparams> </formatting> </line> </par> </text> </block> <block blocktype="Picture" blockname="" l="3" t="145" r="595" b="405"> <region> <rect l="10" t="145" r="69" b="146"/> <rect l="10" t="146" r="376" b="147"/> <rect l="10" t="147" r="580" b="148"/> <rect l="10" t="148" r="580" b="153"/> <rect l="10" t="153" r="581" b="157"/> <rect l="10" t="157" r="584" b="170"/> <rect l="9" t="170" r="584" b="176"/> <rect l="9" t="176" r="583" b="188"/> <rect l="10" t="188" r="583" b="192"/> <rect l="11" t="192" r="583" b="199"/> <rect l="11" t="199" r="585" b="204"/> <rect l="10" t="204" r="585" b="216"/> <rect l="10" t="216" r="587" b="221"/> <rect l="9" t="221" r="587" b="227"/> <rect l="9" t="227" r="586" b="239"/> <rect l="10" t="239" r="586" b="246"/> <rect l="10" t="246" r="588" b="250"/> <rect l="10" t="250" r="590" b="263"/> <rect l="4" t="263" r="590" b="272"/> <rect l="3" t="272" r="590" b="275"/> <rect l="3" t="275" r="591" b="278"/> <rect l="3" t="278" r="590" b="286"/> <rect l="4" t="286" r="590" b="292"/> <rect l="4" t="292" r="591" b="297"/> <rect l="4" t="297" r="594" b="323"/> <rect l="3" t="323" r="594" b="329"/> <rect l="4" t="329" r="593" b="333"/> <rect l="5" t="333" r="593" b="340"/> <rect l="5" t="340" r="594" b="344"/> <rect l="5" t="344" r="595" b="347"/> <rect l="5" t="347" r="595" b="348"/> <rect l="5" t="348" r="571" b="372"/> <rect l="5" t="372" r="578" b="373"/> <rect l="5" t="373" r="587" b="374"/> <rect l="4" t="374" r="587" b="380"/> <rect l="4" t="380" r="586" b="381"/> <rect l="6" t="381" r="586" b="386"/> <rect l="6" t="386" r="587" b="387"/> <rect l="6" t="387" r="588" b="392"/> <rect l="6" t="392" r="589" b="403"/> <rect l="15" t="403" r="589" b="404"/> <rect l="373" t="404" r="589" b="405"/> </region> </block> <block blocktype="Separator" blockname="" l="264" t="77" r="309" b="82"> <region> <rect l="265" t="77" r="309" b="78"/> <rect l="264" t="78" r="309" b="81"/> <rect l="274" t="81" r="294" b="82"/> </region> <separator type="Black" thickness="3"> <start x="286" y="110"/> <end x="332" y="110"/> </separator> </block> <block blocktype="Separator" blockname="" l="308" t="77" r="326" b="80"> <region> <rect l="308" t="77" r="326" b="79"/> <rect l="325" t="79" r="326" b="80"/> </region> <separator type="Black" thickness="1"> <start x="332" y="109"/> <end x="350" y="109"/> </separator> </block> <block blocktype="Separator" blockname="" l="188" t="150" r="281" b="155"> <region> <rect l="189" t="150" r="274" b="151"/> <rect l="188" t="151" r="281" b="154"/> <rect l="222" t="154" r="280" b="155"/> </region> <separator type="Black" thickness="3"> <start x="204" y="198"/> <end x="299" y="198"/> </separator> </block> <block blocktype="Separator" blockname="" l="304" t="152" r="329" b="155"> <region> <rect l="304" t="152" r="325" b="153"/> <rect l="304" t="153" r="329" b="154"/> <rect l="325" t="154" r="329" b="155"/> </region> <separator type="Black" thickness="1"> <start x="323" y="199"/> <end x="348" y="199"/> </separator> </block> <block blocktype="Separator" blockname="" l="357" t="152" r="481" b="157"> <region> <rect l="357" t="152" r="427" b="153"/> <rect l="357" t="153" r="478" b="154"/> <rect l="357" t="154" r="481" b="156"/> <rect l="376" t="156" r="480" b="157"/> </region> <separator type="Black" thickness="2"> <start x="378" y="200"/> <end x="505" y="200"/> </separator> </block> <block blocktype="Separator" blockname="" l="487" t="154" r="560" b="157"> <region> <rect l="487" t="154" r="529" b="155"/> <rect l="487" t="155" r="560" b="156"/> <rect l="487" t="156" r="559" b="157"/> </region> <separator type="Black" thickness="2"> <start x="512" y="201"/> <end x="586" y="201"/> </separator> </block> <block blocktype="Separator" blockname="" l="576" t="250" r="583" b="294"> <region> <rect l="577" t="250" r="579" b="251"/> <rect l="577" t="251" r="580" b="252"/> <rect l="577" t="252" r="583" b="278"/> <rect l="576" t="278" r="582" b="291"/> <rect l="576" t="291" r="583" b="292"/> <rect l="579" t="292" r="583" b="293"/> <rect l="581" t="293" r="583" b="294"/> </region> <separator type="Black" thickness="3"> <start x="599" y="315"/> <end x="599" y="364"/> </separator> </block> </page> </document>

asked 28 Apr '15, 14:46

Katankot's gravatar image


We have tested your image and sent our result with certain recommendations by e-mail.

To say briefly, we recommend to do image preprocessing for such images and use our text field recognition mode.


answered 29 Apr '15, 14:41

Oksana%20Serdyuk's gravatar image

Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

Thanks for the response. Did not receive recommendations by e-mail. Can you please resend same ?

(29 Apr '15, 20:38) Katankot

Done. Please check your e-mail once again.

(30 Apr '15, 15:21) Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦
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