Hi, I'm trying to do an ocr on java for a standalone project. I have already builded on eclipse the project on https://github.com/abbyysdk/ocrsdk.com/tree/master/Java/Abbyy.Ocrsdk.client. How can i add an image on this project and have the output on java? Thank you

asked 11 May '15, 11:52

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Please sorry for delay in response.

After you have built the project, you can run it from the command line (Start -> Run -> type “cmd” and press Enter). Change the current directory to the bin folder where the TestApp.class file is, so that Java can find the main class (for example, C:\Java\Abbyy.Ocrsdk.client\bin). Now you can run the Java sample using one of the supported modes:

1) To process single- and multipage documents and convert them to txt, xml, pdf and other formats, use:

  java TestApp recognize testImage.jpg result.xml
  java TestApp recognize page1.jpg page2.jpg page3.jpg result.pdf --lang=French,Spanish

2) To process business cards to vCard, xml and csv, use:

java TestApp busCard image.jpg result.xml

3) To process printed and handprinted text snippets, use:

  java TestApp textField image.jpg result.xml

4) To recognize barcodes, use:

 java TestApp barcode image.jpg result.xml

5) To process many different snippets on document, use:

 java TestApp processFields image1.jpg image2.jpg image3.tif settings.xml result.xml

6) For MRZ processing use:

java TestApp MRZ image.jpg result.xml

answered 19 May '15, 14:22

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