I am using api for scanning my images, when I test following tilted image alt text in demo it is giving very good output though image is tilted but output is in straight line but when I use api I fetched alto (xml output) and plotted it on my browser with vertical and horizontal position of each scanned line it giving me me following result alt text Is there any setting to get output like demo is giving

asked 27 May '15, 15:31

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The Demo application on our website is designed to illustrate the recognition results, that’s why the result is presented only in the form of pictures (it corresponds to the pdfSearchable export format) and it can’t be edited or copied.

The described issue occurs because of the skew correction. The fact is that the service writes in the ALTO format coordinates that are defined on an original image (not an image after different modification, e.g. deskewing, were applied). As your images are skewed, you can see this effect.

To get the coordinates of the corrected image use the xmlForCorrectedImage export format of the processImage method. This format is the same as xml, but all coordinates written into the output XML file relate to the corrected image, not the original. We recommend you to export the result in two formats at the same time: alto and xmlForCorrectedImage. To do this, specify the necessary formats, separated by commas, in the exportFormat parameter of the processImage method. The task cost does not go up when you set multiple export formats.


answered 28 May '15, 14:18

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