Does your product support scanning DL/ID cards?

I'm looking for something like ****

asked 06 Oct '12, 13:03

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edited 04 Nov '13, 22:38

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Andrey Isaev ♦♦

So, do you need just barcode recognition or full DL or ID card recongition (including text fields)? What country specifically

Please check this method:

Great thing is that Cloud SDK does not charge you for recongtionion of barcodes, see billing terms for details.


answered 08 Oct '12, 10:27

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Andrey Isaev ♦♦

When I use the following image, it doesn't return what I expect. I can parse the text string myself, if a service like that is not offered.



response: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?><document xmlns="@link" xmlns:xsi="@link" xsi:schemalocation="@link" version="1.0"><field left="0" top="0" right="1307" bottom="906" type="barcode"><value encoding="Base64">XgA=</value></field></document>

(08 Oct '12, 21:07) woodwardmedia

I suppose you are trying to read PDF-417 barcode on lower part of the image. For some reason on this paricular document this barcode recognition fails. I will pass this image to developers. Probably the thing is in this red dot over it, we'll see. Do you have more samples to try on?

(09 Oct '12, 11:41) Andrey Isaev ♦♦

Andrey you are absolutely correct. This is DMV provided image and it has a red dot that does not allow scanning. We can provide the same high resolution image 2D pdf417 (and others) upon request.


Denis Petrov


answered 08 Nov '13, 18:23

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Denis Petrov

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