I'm using FlexiLayout studio - not actually the OCR SDK. This was the only place I could find to ask a question - so I'm hoping that someone may be able to help.

I'm trying to use FlexiLayout to define a table element for a statement type of document that sometimes has a brought forward balance line at the start of the table. The problem is that the brought forward line data does not fit into the column definition. My table has 7 columns. The brought forward line only populates data in the 2nd column (that spans into the 3rd column) and in the 7th column.

Rows in tables without the brought forward line are recognised properly. No rows are recognised in tables with the brought forward line.

I cannot find anyway to make this work.

asked 18 Oct '12, 03:21

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David Compton

edited 19 Oct '12, 10:01

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Vasily Panferov ♦♦

I found that by setting the "Look for Header" option on the table element I was able to resolve this problem.


answered 18 Oct '12, 06:08

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David Compton

This forum supports Cloud OCR SDK service, not other products.

You can address all questions to support@abbyy.com. Be sure you included your FlexiLayout Studio project, sample images and license number into the email.


answered 19 Oct '12, 10:04

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Vasily Panferov ♦♦

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