Good afternoon,

Can you please let me know what happens when i run out of scans? Does the service stop, or can i go on scanning, and pay later? I am planning to implement your service for one of my customers, but i need to know what happens when they run out of scans e.g. during an exhibition? It will be not acceptable if they can't continue scanning.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

With kind regards Johan van Laerhoven

asked 08 Jul '15, 13:35

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Johan van La...

Hi Johan,

if you choose one of the prepaid plans the service will send a warning e-mail as soon as the account balance gets below 10% of the initial balance after the last purchase. This gives you or your customer the chance to buy a new package in time in order to avoid unavailability of the service. Before the service gets unavailable another notification is sent. See details here:

Depending on the volume you are expecting there is also the possibility that you enter a contractual agreement with ABBYY. In this case we set a minimum monthly volume and a corresponding basic fee. If the monthly volume is exceeded the additional pages will be invoiced.

Please contact me at pausch [at] abbyy [dot] com if you want to discuss further details.




answered 08 Jul '15, 15:23

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