I'm trying to register a new trial account. I started with pressing "Sign up now!" at http://ocrsdk.com/plans-and-pricing/ After confirming request my info from Google I've got the following message: http://www.abbyyonline.com/en/Error/NoCookie: Cookie required You may have disabled cookies in your browser. To solve the problem, please enable cookies.

Actually, cookies are enabled, and in the list of cookies I see 3 cookie from abbyyonline.com.

How can I register a trial account?

asked 30 Oct '12, 13:50

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This was a bug on our side that sometimes prevented users from logging in. The bug has been fixed by now and the fix has been deployed. You might need to clear those browser cookies before trying to log in again, but in general it should just work now.


answered 31 Oct '12, 10:55

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Dmitry Me ♦♦

Tried again from home - success (same system, same browser) In case someone wants to debug this case:

Failed: OS: Windows 7/64 bit Browser: FF 16 and IE 9 Network environment: domain behind the NAT

Succeeded: OS: Windows 7/64 bit Browser: FF 16 Network environment: single computer behind the NAT


answered 30 Oct '12, 22:05

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