Hellow! I have an issue. I ofhen need to scan paper copies of bad quality or small fonts. Using finereader 12 I have noticed that its scanning and recognition quality is essentially higher, when using 1200 dpi recognition, than 600 dpi in the same version or in finererader 10 Pro. But causes very great memory load and works very slow. I tried to increase process priority in Task manager, switched off security software. It helped only slightly. So please write me about your experience, computer configurations desiraqble scanner features or brands. If you can please provide links for tests. Finereacer 11 is not available for buying, finereader 10 can not scan with this resolution. My scanner is Epson Perfection v10/100 photo. My computer: amd fx Quad Core Processor 3. 8 gb memory, standard hdd (not SSD), Asus Radeon HD 6670 video card, Windows 10 OS.

asked 10 Aug '15, 13:45

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Your question is related to ABBYY FineReader desktop product. This forum works for ABBYY SDK products only. According to our HelpDesk system, you have sent your question also by e-mail to our Technical Support Service. Your request is in process now. Please await my colleagues' answer.

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