I want recognize text from pictures for example like this. So, I want to understand can I use OCR Cloud for this task?

p.s I try do that at Abbyy FineRider 11 and unfortunately it's didn't.

asked 25 Nov '12, 10:27

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Cloud OCR SDK uses the same core as ABBYY FineReader and that core is currently not very good at recognizing text on photos as the example picture you linked to. We're actively working on improving our OCR internal engine and once that work is complete text on photos recognition will be greatly improved.

The picture you provide as the example has text made with distinct color. You might try a preprocessing filter that would eliminate all but the text - for example, make areas of that color black and the rest of the image white. That would greatly increase chances for successful OCR of such images. Other than specialized image preprocessing there's nothing that can be done at the moment.


answered 26 Nov '12, 12:00

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Dmitry Me ♦♦

edited 26 Nov '12, 12:36

Ok, maybe you can give me a useful tips for my task. Yes, I understand what for best quality of recognition is black text on white background, but maybe I can process some filters before or your Cloud have some ways of machine learning and I can train it for my needs?

(26 Nov '12, 12:11) Denis

@Denis: I've added some suggestions into the answer.

(26 Nov '12, 12:36) Dmitry Me ♦♦

Many thanks, I try to play around your tips.

(26 Nov '12, 12:40) Denis
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