Hi ! I'm trying abby ocrsdk with the php sample. I have to hosting with linux server. In the first one the script work fine as it should.... on the second server the same script gives me this error: Unsupported image file format

Also tried with different files pdfor jpg but always the same problem while on my first server i got no errors ! So I think that the problem is not in my script but on the server. What i should check to be sure everything is ok to ocr to work? Maybe i need some modification in my php.ini or in the apache server ?

asked 08 Sep '15, 03:56

Michele%20Afterdark%20Maddi's gravatar image

Michele Afte...

The processImage method is suitable for the images that are loaded from the computer directly. We have a method for processing the images that are located on a remote server, it is in beta-testing. We will send you the information about it by e-mail.

(09 Sep '15, 11:51) Anna Falevskaya ♦♦

Apparently, there is a solution, stated in other forum post, but they only send it via email ( I don't know why). I am in the same situation as you.

Can someone from the ocrsdk team give a solution?


answered 08 Sep '15, 18:07

mflmartin's gravatar image


We answered you by e-mail yesterday.

(09 Sep '15, 11:49) Anna Falevskaya ♦♦

Please send me the solution too.


answered 05 Nov '15, 04:28

Febri%20Valentino's gravatar image

Febri Valentino

We have answered you by e-mail, please check your mail box.

(05 Nov '15, 12:21) Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

i have got this issue too, can someone send me the solution?


answered 07 Dec '15, 05:59

V%C5%A9%20Nguy%E1%BB%85n's gravatar image

Vũ Nguyễn

I have answered you by e-mail, please check your mail box.

(07 Dec '15, 11:31) Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦
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