I am having trouble getting text fields displayed right after dashed lines to be correctly recognized. For example, on the attached image, the text inside the red rectangle cannot be recognized: alt text

The text reads: "1 218 GASOLINA COMUM - Bico 16 47,285L x2,599 F1 122,84G"

Is there any way to improve this text field detection?

I tried textType=typewriter param. but that didn't change anything.



asked 28 Nov '12, 22:35

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The image hasn't got attached.

(29 Nov '12, 11:04) Dmitry Me ♦♦

I am sorry, whenever I use the upload button, after selecting the file to upload, I get the following error message:

Blockquote sorry, file uploading requires karma >60

Trying again with markdown...

alt text

(30 Nov '12, 02:48) Rds

You could use some third-party image hosting or just write an email to the service support address which you will find on the right of your service dashboard when you log in to http://cloud.ocrsdk.com and attach the file.

(30 Nov '12, 15:34) Dmitry Me ♦♦

Thanks for you time and on looking at this.

Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0ByERNHFnfYRNX3NrWF9ITXhvV3c

You may need to download in order to better look at the details.

(30 Nov '12, 16:29) Rds

At this moment this is just beyond our OCR engine capabilities - it doesn't expect dashes to be so close to the letters and so completely fails to recognize the text on that line. We'll file an improvement request for this scenario.


answered 03 Dec '12, 12:56

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Dmitry Me ♦♦

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