Hello, I'm a young developer with the evaluation version of ABBYY FineReader Engine. My issue is that in some result i have several revealant text but if i only apply the document.getPlainText(); function i have in output the whole string without the line return. Whereas when i read the XML file the string are separated, so my question is how can i have the split result string in code ?

PS: Sorry for the orthography and the syntax i'm french= monolingual

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Sorry for the delay in response.

The PlainText object represents recognized text in a special “plain text” format. This format only contains information about recognized text symbols, recognition confidence and positions of these symbols as relative to the recognized image. The resulting plain text is formatted with spaces and does not contain the line breaks.

You can perform export to the TXT format and use different export parameters depending on your scenario. For example, if you want to retain the original layout structure set the RetainLayout property to TRUE. In this case the recognized text is exported to the file line by line from left to right, i.e. if the text was originally put in columns, the first lines of every column will be saved, then the second lines, etc. Please find more info in Help → API Reference → Parameter Objects → Export Parameters → TextExportParams.


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