Dear Sir/Madam,

We have a software that uses FREngine.dll version We get this error message randomly, after running and closing our software a few times.: "Failed to run license .License storage (Dongle ) was removed from ABBY Licensing Service"

I have found this answer but it does not help us:

Thanx in advance.

asked 05 Nov '15, 16:14

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Could you be so kind to send to the serial number of your product and the AInfo report (

(06 Nov '15, 14:58) Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

Sorry but we do not have a support account and support key. What sould we do for this problem?

Thank you for your attention.

(09 Nov '15, 10:28) hakanaktan

Perhaps, the issue is connected with incorrect driver performance and reinstalling the driver will solve the issue. Please try to install the latest version of iKey driver which you can download from the official SafeNet site When reinstalling, please follow these steps:

  • Remove your key from a USB port.
  • Uninstall your current driver: go to Control Panel → Add/Remove programs, find Safenet iKey driver in the list and uninstall it.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Install the driver you downloaded earlier.
  • Insert your key into a USB port in the computer.

If after these actions the issue is still actual, please send us your serial number and the AInfo report. Without this information we cannot continue our support.


answered 09 Nov '15, 16:06

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Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

Thank you Miss Serdyuk. We will try this when we get the error again and share the results with you.

(09 Nov '15, 17:30) hakanaktan
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