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I have PDFs with multiple pages that may contain different barcodes including QR codes. I would like to recognize all barcodes (also QR code). How can I do that?

For testing, I have downloaded the OCR Cloud SDK Java Testapp (I'm using Java 1.6) and have configured it for my test application, then applied the following command line: barcode "Scanned Document 2 pages each page contains 1 QR code.pdf" result.xml

Process documents using ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK.

Uploading.. Waiting.. Downloading.. Ready

The result is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?><document xmlns="@link" xmlns:xsi="@link" xsi:schemalocation="@link" version="1.0"><field left="0" top="0" right="2483" bottom="3508" type="barcode"><value encoding="Base64">XgA=</value></field></document>

... which basically means it has found nothing?

Thanks for your assistance,


asked 17 Dec '15, 17:59

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Dear David,

To recognize barcodes only, you can use the processBarcodeField method or the processFields method for fields of type “barcode”. Note that in this case barcode coordinates should be specified directly. See How to Recognize Barcodes to know another way of barcode recognition.


answered 18 Dec '15, 17:16

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