I originally contacted Abbyy support because I had an issue with Abbyy FineReader software properly/correctly reading a large image file that had 1-2 digit numbers arranged in ordered rows and columns. The image files typically feature hundreds of columns and hundreds of rows of these 1-2 digit numbers.

They advised me that Abbyy developers investigated and said that there indeed was a problem with the software that was causing the issue and the following was advised:

You can export the recognition result to the TXT format and omit the document synthesis. To do it, we recommend to use the processImage method with the textExtraction profile and the Digits recognition languages, and export the result to the txt format. In this case your URL will be the following: “http://cloud.ocrsdk.com/processImage?language=Digits&profile=textExtraction&exportFormat=txtIt has taken 208 seconds to process your image using the Cloud OCR service.*

I am totally unfamiliar with these instructions.

If I go to the link they mention (http://cloud.ocrsdk.com/processImage?language=Digits&profile=textExtraction&exportFormat=txt) I get this message on my browser:

404 HTTP method GET not supported for /processImage, only method POST supported

...which makes no sense to me.

Can someone please kindly assist me in following the instructions?



asked 27 Dec '15, 15:02

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Hi Bull,

The answer which you have got from the Support Team is assumed that you use ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK. It is an online service providing Web API for OCR and it can be used in any development tool supporting communication over the network.

To help you to get started we recommend you to read How to Work with Cloud OCR SDK. Please note that to use the Cloud OCR service you need to be registered at http://cloud.ocrsdk.com. Please follow the instructions from our C# Quick Start Guide and contact us in case you need our help. The detailed description of API methods with all possible parameters you will find in the Cloud OCR SDK Documentation section.


answered 28 Dec '15, 16:03

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Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦


Thanks for the help.

I have now got Visual C# Express installed and have been able to follow the instructions in the C# Quick Start Guide link you provided that brings up the GUI.

However, I tried processing an image from the sample images pack but the file did not get processed as per the instructions:

alt text

Can you please assist with the code modifications I have been advised to make?




answered 30 Dec '15, 01:07

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edited 30 Dec '15, 01:12

I have answered you by e-mail.

(30 Dec '15, 16:49) Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦
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