Hello everyone, I'm new to the ABBYY SDK 11. I'm developing the scan part of the application. Everything works as expected, except that the images are saved as "tmp" files (they seems to be bitmaps). I would like to understand how to convert them to other formats (for example JPG, or multipage TIFF, PDF, ...) with options (for example the JPG compression ratio, ...). I've found this forum post but it seems to apply only to FCEngine 9.

Thanks, Sebastiano

asked 21 Jan '16, 18:52

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Hi Sebastiano, The solution which you have found is compatible also with FCEngine 11. Please try to solve this situation by using these recommendations. Please inform us about the results.

(22 Jan '16, 19:26) Beliakova Sv... ♦♦

Hello, I'm stuck at step #3 of the other post ("...using the methods of the Engine object, for example, OpenImage"). I have an engine object:

private FCEngine.IEngine m_ABBYYEngine;

The object is created with an engineloader object.

The OpenImage() method is missing on the IEngine object.

Regards, Sebastiano


answered 22 Jan '16, 19:42

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You can use OpenImageFile Method of the ImageProcessingTools Object, then use OpenImagePage Method of the ImageFile Object and then use WriteToFile Method of the Image Object. Hope this recommendation is useful! If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask! Best regards, Svetlana

(22 Jan '16, 19:52) Beliakova Sv... ♦♦

It works, thanks!

(22 Jan '16, 20:41) Sebastiano
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