Does processBusinessCard output support image rotation as here? If not, would you support it?


asked 03 Mar '16, 05:02

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converted 24 Mar '16, 15:13

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Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

Recently ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK team has improved the BCR technology regarding your feature request. The imageRotation attribute for the businessCard element was added to the XML export format. This attribute specifies rotation that was performed upon the input image, namely:

  • noRotation - this value denotes no rotation,
  • clockwise - rotation 90 degrees clockwise,
  • counterclockwise - rotation 90 degrees counterclockwise or 270 degrees clockwise,
  • upsideDown - rotation upside down, or 180 degrees.

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK documentation will be updated accordingly.


answered 24 Mar '16, 15:24

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Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

Hi, I just tried a few business card image rotated. I didn't get the new field "imageRotation".

Has the feature started to work online? I thought there will be one new filed on output xml. <field type="imageRotation">

<businesscard> <field type="Phone"> <value>783-37-00</value> </field> <field type="Fax"> <value>783-26-63</value> </field> </businesscard>

(25 Mar '16, 05:05) jackZap

It's strange, because the neccessary changes were published two days ago. Possibly the issue connected with some cache. Moreover when I process a business card sample on my side, the XML output contains the 'imageRotation' attribute with correct values:

<businesscard imagerotation="noRotation"> <field type="Phone"> <value>510-226-6717 x 107</value> ...

Please note that 'imageRotation' is not a separate field, it is a new attribute for the 'businessCard' element.

(25 Mar '16, 12:40) Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

Thank you. I have confirmed that the XML output includes <businesscard imagerotation="XXX">

(29 Mar '16, 10:52) jackZap
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